Expanding Your Horizons: Using Cross-Domain Semantics to Deliver Higher Impact Intelligence
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  YY Lee   YY Lee
First Rain, Inc.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012
09:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Level:  Business/Strategic

Location:  Grand Ballroom

As companies look to the Web to source intelligence on which to base business decisions, the need is arising to develop adaptive semantic techniques that achieve enterprise-grade levels of business relevancy across a wide variety of information domains.

In many real enterprise business applications, you must simultaneously serve the intelligence needs of stakeholders and users across vastly different business domains.

  • A Customer Intelligence system for a major telecommunications company, which has target markets and major customers spanning every sector and industry globally
  • An Investment Information system that serves Hedge Fund or Portfolio Managers who are holding and watching investments across a vast (and continually changing) mix of both well-known and niche industries
  • Supplier and Vendor Risk Management systems, which involve players from many and varying parts of the supply-chain, from basic materials to electronics to manufactured parts to services
The challenge is how to develop scalable, coherent semantic platforms—not amalgamations of dozens (or hundreds) of fractured engines—that actually solve the information problem across these two axes.

YY Lee will present how FirstRain has approached this challenge as a small analytics software company, building a consolidated enterprise-class system that can effectively address many different information domains – and yet has also moved continually up the “content scope” axis.

YY brings strong operational leadership and experience to her position at FirstRain. She leads engineering, product marketing, and professional services in the US and India. Under her guidance, FirstRain's teams develop new software capability and provide professional services to their customers. YY was most recently vice president of worldwide services at Cadence Design Systems, leading that business into profitability. Prior to that, she co-founded the software company Aqueduct. After successfully building that business, the company was acquired by NetManage, which she joined as a director of engineering. She has also worked at Bell Labs, Integrated Information Technology (IIT) and Synopsys. YY earned an A.B. in mathematics from Harvard University.

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