Using Linked Semantic Data in Biomedical Research and Pharmaceuticals
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  Ted Slater   Ted Slater
Executive Director
Broad Reach Strategic Advising LLC
  Eric Neumann   Eric Neumann
CTO & Co-Founder
  Morten Sogaard   Morten Sogaard
Executive Director and Head Biotechnology and Precision Medicine External R&D Innovation
  Tom Plasterer   Tom Plasterer
Principal Informatics Scientist--Knowledge Engineering & Information Science


Wednesday, October 17, 2012
10:30 AM - 11:45 PM
Level:  Business/Strategic

Location:  Grand Ballroom

This presentation and discussion includes key pharmaceutical Information experts on the value and promise of linked semantic data. Areas to be discussed will include: Drug Development, Clinical Data, Genomics, Regulatory, and Personalized Medicine.
  • Value proposition of using Linked Data in Biomedical Research and Pharmaceuticals
  • Deriving more value from clinical studies
  • Importance of genomic knowledge
  • The needs of clinical regulatory, and future impact of improved informatics
  • Key issues for Personalized Medicine

Ted is Executive Director at Broad Reach Strategic Advising LLC, consulting on knowledge engineering in the life sciences.

Dr. Eric Neumann is a recognized expert in Semantic Information Systems, and has worked on many information initiatives for the pharmaceutical and life sciences. He founded and chaired the W3C Semantic Web Healthcare and Life Science Interest Group (HCLSIG), which brings together many industry leaders to advance standards. Dr. Neumann is also the Executive Director and Founder of the Clinical Semantics Group, a consulting firm that advises on and develops intelligent clinical systems for the pharmaceutical industry using of Semantic Web standards. Dr. Neumann was the Global Head of Knowledge Management for Scientific and Medical Affairs within Sanofi-Aventis and the VP of Informatics at BG Medicine. He has also worked at Bolt, Beranek, and Newman (BBN Technologies – Raytheon) on several advanced computer projects over the span of 7 years. Dr. Neumann is a graduate from MIT and holds a PhD in neurobiology, developmental genetics, and pharmacology from Case Western Reserve University.

In close collaboration with Pfizer’s CSOs, External R&D Innovation identifies, evaluates and funds Pfizer’s large R&D collaborations. Morten’s team is responsible for technology and oncology collaborations. Morten has recently been leading a Pfizer-wide strategy initiative on Precision Medicine and spearheaded a Pfizer-internal white paper and summit on this topic.

Tom's interest and experience are in the application of informatics to critical problems in personal medicine, systems biology, biomarker discovery and drug development along the entire discovery spectrum (defining the problem, experimental design, aligning cross-omics platforms, biostatistics and bioinformatics to objectives, managing programs, synthesizing results, publishing and communicating results, and validating results). His experience straddles the computational, scientific and business side in this space. He has worked in cardiovascular disease, cancer, liver and muscle toxicity, diabetes and CNS disease.

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